So yeah, that’s right. After years of using an operating system created by an army of penguins I’m switching back to Micro$oft Winblows.


Because I have some very important reasons:

  • I am tired of my computer being fast and reliable
  • Linux never crashes which is very boring
  • I am tired of having digital freedom
  • I am a sadomasochist and want to feel pain
  • I love it when companies and governments get to spy on me and track everything I do
  • I miss having ads in the start menu
  • Richard Stallman is a silly communist

I want to see outside again

So as you can see, there are some very compelling reasons to use Windows XP.

If you really hate yourself then maybe Windows 11 is your thing.

Before I can switch I think I will have to change my name to iHateFreedom and fight off the evil penguin army…