🐧 So, over the past month I’ve setup a few more services!

I am now hosting a rimgo, libremdb, troddit, and nitter.

rimgo is an Imgur frontend, libremdb is an IMDb frontend, troddit is a Reddit frontend, and nitter is a twitter frontend. You can check the specifics of these services (And my other ones) out over at the services page.

I know libreddit already exists, and I already host it, but troddit is unique because you are able to sign into your Reddit account! (Like using Ininity for Reddit) It uses Reddit’s secure sign-in so your credentials are never given to the server, however it will ask you to give troddit permission to do account things like post, comment, etc. You can revoke this permission at any time over at https://www.reddit.com/prefs/apps.

This is for the funtionality of the application so it allows you to use troddit as your Reddit client instead of the official reddit.com client (Which is full of spyware!). I would like to note there is a certain amount of trust involved since theoretically I could have modified the server image of troddit without you knowing. A potential attacker could also modify the image, although that is highly unlikely (Especially with my setup). You are also putting your trust in the troddit application from the developer itself. Personally I love troddit and I use it everyday so I am willing to take that risk. Same thing goes for any 3rd party application like Infinity. You can take a look at the troddit Github here if you are curious about the project.

Don’t trust me or troddit? No worries! You can still use troddit without logging into your Reddit account. troddit also supports local accounts for local subreddit subscribing!

Since I am coming out with sevices that rely on external accounts (like troddit) or local accounts (like Vaultwarden) and even things where security is simply paramount (like Monero node coming soon!) I will be publishing security information on my selfhosted setup in the near future, to be as transparent as possible!

Let me know what you think, and please contact me if you have any questions or if any issues with my services arise.

Sincerely, tuxsudo 🐧