Due to the changes X/Twitter has made preventing the creation of guest accounts which were being used to proxy content from X (Since you need an API/account now to view almost anything) means Nitter no longer works.

Unfortunately, it looks like they have pretty much destroyed the ability to use X outside of their “official” clients being authenticated with an account. There are some hacky ways to setup a Nitter for personal use, but right now it is not a great experience and doesn’t work reliably.

Thanks to the developers over at https://github.com/zedeus/nitter for making it work for as long as possible, they put a lot of time and effort into this cat and mouse game but it has come to an end.

I will continue running all of the other privacy instances/service over here (https://tux.pizza/services/) for the forseable future.

Sincerely, tuxsudo 🐧